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Special Reward Event for LEGOLAND® Hotel VVIP

  • Event Period: Sept. 16th (Sat), 2023 ~ Mar. 31st, (Sun) 2024
Brickquency KV (EN)

Special Reward Event
for our Valued Guests who Revisit LEGOLAND® Hotel more than 2 Times

⭐ Introducing a special reward event for LEGOLAND® Hotel VVIP!
Korea's first LEGO®-themed rooms, a must visit place for LEGO® fans of all ages!
Interested in other room themes besides the one you have already stayed at?

Select your LEGO® oom theme, an option only available from the official website! 
Book your stay now and check out the various revisit rewards during this event!  
Enjoy increasing benefits based on the number of repeated stays! 

📌 Event Period:Sept. 16th (Sat), 2023 ~ Mar. 31st, (Sun) 2024
📌 Event BenefitDifferent rewards provided on each visit, for repeat guests who stay during the event period
📌 Who is Eligible :

  • Guests who book through the official LEGOLAND® hotel website and revisit between 2 to 7 times or more during the reward program event period
  • Guests who have stayed prior to the event period (July 1, 2022 – September 15, 2023, including travel agency/agency reservations), will receive a second round of rewards when they book their stays again via LEGOLAND® Hotel official website from September 16th, 2023.
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📢 Brickquency Rewards:

    • 2nd Visit: KRW 50,000 voucher for Skyline Lounge or Bricks Family Restaurant
    • 3rd Visit: Two LEGO® Brick Key Chain & Minifigure Set with Free engraving service
    • 4th Visit: Voucher for Bricks Family Restaurant (Up to 5 persons, including 2 adults)
    • 5th Visit: One year of exhibition of your own customized family Minilanders (*Minilander : Residents of Miniland, LEGO® brick built people figures)
    • 6 th Visit: Two Gold Passes (2024 Annual Passes)
    • 7 th Visit:  One free LEGOLAND® Hotel Stay Voucher

Terms & Conditions: 

    • Only the stay records of the guest him or herself will be accumulated. Cannot combine or transfer family or friends' hotel stays.   
    • Stay records and reward offers are valid and provided only during the event period.
    • If you do not redeem your reward during your stay, your reward will expire and your past reward will not be provided for future visits.
    • The guest's name and mobile phone number must match to be recognized as the same guest.
    • Rewards are calculated per each return visit. Only one return visit is recognized even if you stay for 2 or more consecutive nights or stay in multiple rooms on the same day.
    • In the case of consecutive stays, maximum one night will be credited/accumulated. (Even if you stay 3 nights, only 1 night will count as a record)
    • If you stay in multiple rooms on the same date under your name, only one room will be counted. (Even if you stay in 3 rooms on the same date, 1 room will be counted for rewards accumulation record)
    • You must request to save your stay as a "Brick-quency Reward" at the front desk upon check in, per each separate visit.
    • Rewards per different return visits cannot be changed/switched. Rewards for future reservations cannot be provided in advance.
    • Discounts cannot be combined with other discounts (promotions, event benefits) provided by the hotel.
    • Rewards cannot be exchanged for cash, cannot be used as a means of payment, and cannot be used for any purpose other than those specified as reward terms and conditions.
    • If you have not requested to take part in the Brick-quency reward event, it is difficult to receive corresponding reward for repeated visits. Reward prizes cannot be redeemed or shipped after check-out.
    • Reservations made through travel agents and agencies, group stays, employee stays, free night vouchers, relocation reservations, canceled and refunded stays are excluded from the Brickquency Event.
    • If guests who stayed through agencies and group stay reservations, book a hotel stay afterwards from LEGOLAND® Korea Resort official website, then that second stay will count as a repeat visit in the Brick-quency Event. However if a guest stays multiple times only through agencies and group reservations, then those stays will not account for a Brick-quency repeat visit.
    • Official sponsor promotional rates (KB Card, LG U+) stays are included/recognized as a repeat stay record for the Brick-quency event.
    • After receiving the 7th reward, if you revisit after the 8th visit, the event record will restart from the 2nd visit reward.
    • Only the stay records at LEGOLAND® Korea Hotel count and corresponding rewards for the number of visits, are only provided at LEGOLAND® Korea Hotel.
    • This event may be canceled or changed without prior notice according to LEGOLAND® Korea Hotel circumstances. 

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💡  Each Reward Terms & Conditions  ​

  • 2nd Visit: KRW 50,000 voucher for Skyline Lounge or Bricks Family Restaurant
    - This voucher can only be used once during your stay period at Skyline Lounge or Bricks Family Restaurant.
    - Full amount shall be redeemed; any changes are non-refundable.
    - There is no limit to the choice of menus, and you can use anytime during your stay period.
  • 3rd Visit:
    - Two sets of Brick key chain and Minifigure set will be provided from the front desk.
    - Brick key chain and Minifigure set cannot be exchanged for other colors or other prizes.
    - Free engraving service at Pick-A-Brick’ or ‘Stroller Rental’ (the BIG Shop when the Park is closed), for the LEGOLAND® key chain (can engrave all the names of the staying guests)
  • 4th Visit: Bricks Family Restaurant voucher (up to max. 5 persons, including 2 adults)
    - This voucher can only be used once during your hotel stay, at LEGOLAND hotel Bricks Family Restaurant.
    - Full amount shall be redeemed – any changes are non-refundable.
    - Dinner will be a buffet and additional food and beverage orders will be charged separately.
    - Bricks Family Restaurant Dinner Hours: 6PM ~ 9PM
  • 5th Visit: 1 year exhibition of your family’s Minilanders (*Minilander: human characters made of bricks in Miniland)
    All registered staying guests can participate in the Minilander building session
    - Free Minilander citizenship and holders provided from hotel front desk
    - Your session begins when you bring the cizitenship and the holder to Pick-A-Brick (contact the BIG Shop when the Park is closed)
    - After the session, the Minilander will be placed at your selected location for 1 year in Miniland
    - You can view your family’s Minilanders at Miniland for 1 year starting from the day they are placed in Miniland.
    - The Minilanders may be removed in case of damage from sudden natural disasters.
    - Miniland Hours: Same as LEGOLAND Park
  • 6th Visit: 2024 Annual Passes (2 Gold Passes)
    - Annual Pass registration codes will be sent via e-mail before your check-out.
    - Valid Period: 365 days (1 year) from the day of Annual Pass registration.
    - Registration Deadline: Registration must be completed by March 31st, 2024
  • 7th Visit: LEGOLAND® Hotel voucher (1 night)
    - Valid Period: From the day of voucher received until Dec. 31st, 2024
    - Benefit: Premium Room (random theme) and breakfast for max. 5 persons (2 adults, 3 children)
    - Booking method: Please call the LEGOLAND® hotel reservation center
    - Black out dates for hotel do not apply, however bookings may be limited/not possible if all the rooms are fully booked on your desired date. Please check availability in advance.
    - Free cancellation and reservation change: 4pm of 3 days prior to check in

Brick or Treat!

Join us for Family Fun at LEGOLAND® this Autumn!