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Spring Indoor Course

Introducing the perfect course to enjoy LEGOLAND® even in the spring.

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LEGO® Factory Adventure

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to become a LEGO® minifigure? Let’s go on a journey together to create LEGO® as a minifigure!


브릭스트릭트 팩토리라이드


Put on your 4D glasses and become a Ninjago hero to defeat the great destroyer! Let's compete to see who is better! The person with the lowest score gets to buy Legoland's signature dessert, Kai's Apple Fries!


닌자고 닌자고더라이드

4D Cinema

The LEGO Movie series featuring the adventures of various minifigure characters in a 4D theater! LEGO® DREAMZzz, Mythica, ‘Policeman on Pursuit’ is being screened to rave reviews!
*2 consecutive screenings limited to the winter season


레고시티 4D시네마

LEGOLAND® Brick Exhibition

Check out this great opportunity to see a total of 60 amazingLEGO® pieces, including Korea’s first LEGO® certified artist!🔥

브릭토피아 브릭전시회 (1)

Bricktopia Diner Event

Coffee time for adults, play time for kids! LEGO® build experience with a hot drink ‘Bricktopia Diner’ cafe opened for you to enjoy!

브릭토피아 다이너카페

Hotel 2nd Floor Open To Public

Have you ever wondered what a hotel is like? Park guests can also stop by the 2nd floor of the LEGOLAND® Hotel to warm up!

호텔 2층 무료 개방2

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Visit Anytime for 1 Day until 2024.3.24

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Standard + Gold + Platinum

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