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Operation Notice for Winter Season

Notice on LEGOLAND® Korea Resort Park
Winter Season Operation

LEGOLAND® Resorts in the UK, Germany, Denmark
and New York also have many rides
and attractions like LEGOLAND® Korea Resort
that cannot be operated under cold weather in winter.
LEGOLAND® Korea Resort will open on March 24, 2023
after completing maintenance of rides and attractions
from January 1st 2023 to March. 23 2023.

LEGOLAND® Korea Resort will do our best
to deliver the best unique, memorable experience.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

FAQ on Christmas Season (22/11/18~22/12/31)

Based on 2022 Calendar- the calender we have posted with the park opening,
LEGOLAND® Korea Resort will not be operated on weekdays – Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays,
from November 15th to December 15th due to safety inspections on rides
and preparation for wonderful Christmas event.
The detailed schedule for operation can be found on the operating hours page.


During the Christmas Season(November 18th – December 31st, 2022)
BRICK STREET, BRICKTOPIA and LEGO® CITY will be decorated for the Holiday season with additional shows and activities.

Click to see PARK MAP.

LEGOLAND® Korea Resort  will have a special Christmas offering with special events and activities. 

LEGOLAND® Korea Resort is now offering Special Tickets for Christmas Season. 
 Enjoy our Christmas event with your family at LEGOLAND® Korea Resort!

FAQ on 2023 Winter Closure(23/1/1~23/3/23)

Due to maintenance LEGOLAND® Korea Resort decided to suspend the operation of some areas of the park and temporarily close the entire park from January 1st to March 23rd next year. 

Due to the winter closure in 2023,
ALL Annual Pass Holders(First to Play, Standard, Gold, Platinum Pass) will get compensation.

  • 90-day extension on valid date of annual passes in 2023
    (*Only valid to those who purchase AP before Oct 31st,2022;
    Purchase made after Nov 1st,2022 is invalid)

  • Offer 50% OFF ticket for COEX Aquarium
    (Limit of 1 ticket per person, Effective from Nov 1st,2022 to March 31st, 2023)

Policy for 90-day extension on valid date for annual pass holder is as below: 

A. Annual Pass purchased before March 16, 2022 (including First to Play tickets)

(As-Is) Activated on the date of the first visit(requires visit within 90 days from May 5) Automatically activated on the 91st day(August 3) when not visited
(Before) 90-day extension on valid date

* Example *
1) First visit on June 1, 2022
(As-Is) Expires on May 31, 2023
(To-Be) May 31, 2023 + 90-day extension on valid date ▶ Expires on August 29, 2023

2) First visit on August 11, 2022
(As-Is) Expires on August 2, 2023(Automatically activated on August 3, 2022)
(To-Be) August 2, 2023 + 90-day extension on valid date ▶ Expires on October 31, 2023

B. Annual Pass purchased from March 17 to May 4, 2022
(As-Is) Activated automatically on May 5
(To-Be) Offer 90-day extension on vaild date

* Example *
1) Activated automatically on May 5, 2022
(As-Is) Expires on May 4, 2023
(To-Be) May 4, 2023 + 90-day extension on valid date ▶ Expires on August 2, 2023

C. Annual Pass purchased after May 5, 2022
(As-Is)  Activated automatically after purchase
(To-Be) Offer 90-day extension on vaild date

* Example *
1) Purchased on May 19, 2022
(As-Is) Expires on May 18, 2023 
(To-BE) May 18, 2023 + 90-day extension on valid date ▶ Expires on August 16, 2023

Offer 50% off tickets of COEX aquarium to Annal Pass holders.
(Limit of 1 ticket per person, Effective from Nov 1st, 2022 to March 31st, 2023)

When you purchase a ticket at the COEX Aquarium (Seoul) on-site ticket booth,
Annual pass holders will receive a 50% discount after presenting their annual pass and ID card.

LEGOLAND® Hotel will be opened during the park closure. (January 1st~ March 23rd)
LEGOLAND® Hotel offers families with children a fun, LEGO® immersive experience
with activities like "Adventure Play", Creative program "Kids Ground" etc.