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Online Ticket Refund & Re-send Request

Guests who have purchased their tickets through LEGOLAND® Korea Resort can use this service according to the terms and conditions below.

A.If the ticket is no longer valid (e.g., the valid period has expired or the ticket has already been used) or if the ticket meets conditions such as e.g., purchased through any vendor other than the company, a gift, an invitational ticket, etc. then refund cannot be made.

B.Refund requests will be processed sequentially, and refund confirmation will be sent to the email address registered at the time of purchase.

C.The processing time for cancellation of the approved credit card will vary based on each credit card company’s policy.

  • Refund Policy for Annual Pass and Season Pass

Guests who purchased a pass (Annual Pass, Season Pass) can request refund “within seven days following the date of the purchase”.

  • Refund Policy for One-Day Admission Ticket purchased by March 9th, 2023

Guests who purchased a ticket (a Day ticket, an Undated day ticket) by March 9th, 2023, can request refund "within seven days from the date of purchase".

*Example : If the purchase date of a day ticket is March 9, 2023, then refund request shall be made by midnight of March 16, 2023.

  • Refund Policy for One-Day Admission Ticket purchased after March 10, 2023

Guests who purchased a ticket (a Day Ticket, an Undated Day Ticket) after March 10, 2023, can request refund by latest “one day before their reserved visit date".

*Example : If the purchase date of a day ticket is June 10, 2023, and the reserved visit date is July 2, 2023, then refund requests made by midnight(12am) of July 1, 2023 will be accepted.

  • Refund Policy for Unused Future One-day Admission Ticket purchased during Park Visit

Guests who purchased a future ticket (a Day Ticket or an Undated Day Ticket) on the day of their current Park visit can request refund of unused ticket (Day Ticket or Undated Ticket) “before Park's closing time on the day of their visit". (e.g. Day ticket for a different day, purchased and refunded on the same day before Park closes)

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Guests can apply for ticket refund in accordance with the refund policy notified prior to this step. Please read the information above carefully.
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