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How does Fastrack work?

Fastrack is a system that virtually queues for you, leaving you more time to explore the park!

🟢Using your mobile phone, Fastrack enables you to virtually wait a ride's queue time, freeing you up to visit other attractions, shops, and restaurants in the park while you are waiting your turn.

🟢The higher the level, the less time you wait between making your reservation and being able to ride.

🟢Please note that numbers are limited, so we encourage you to pre-book your Fastrack ahead of your visit.

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Purchasing Fastrack Tickets

Have you already pre-purchased your Fastrack? Click here and activate now!

No need to stand in line!

  • Offers the same wait as the physical queue
  • Freely enjoy the park's other attractions while virtually waiting

Reduces your virtual wait by 50%

  • Cut your waiting time in half and Do even More!

Reduce 95% of your waiting time

  • Our fastest ride access!
  • Minimal waiting time, maximum time exploring

Important Information

  • Fastrack does not include theme park entry. This will need to be purchased separately.
  • Children under 90cm can accompany you for free - height, weight and age restrictions permitting.
  • There will be times when Fastrack holders will be required to wait past their allotted wait time due to unforeseen circumstances.