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LEGOLAND® Korea Resort Annual Pass Terms & Conditions

Article 1. Purpose  

  1. These Terms and Conditions apply to the Annual Pass Holders (as defined below) of the theme park of LEGOLAND Korea Resort of Merlin Entertainment, located at 128 Hajungdo-gil, Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, Korea (such theme park the “Park” and such company the “Company”) and the Company. The Company shall provide facilities and services of the Park to the guests who purchase Annual Passes as set forth in these Terms and Conditions, and the guests shall purchase such Annual Passes only upon reading these Terms and Conditions presented at the time of purchase and agreeing to the terms of use of the facilities and services that are determined by the Company. Matters not set forth herein shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea or customary practices.
  2. The Company may amend these Terms and Conditions as provided for in Article 16 below.


Article 2. Applicability and Definition of an Annual Pass Holder  

  1. These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all holders of the Annual Pass (the “Annual Pass Holders”) who use the Park.
  2. An Annual Pass Holder of LEGOLAND Korea Resort is defined as a guest who purchases an Annual Pass in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, has the status as an Annual Pass Holder, carries an Annual Pass (an e-ticket or a digital or physical voucher with a barcode, a QR code or any other unique identification code), and is qualified to use the rides and attractions within the Park in accordance with the terms of purchase; providedhowever, the use of (i) certain paid facilities and (ii) other facilities, even if they are originally free rides/attractions, announced in advance to be used in connection with paid events for a certain period are excluded.
  3. The valid period of an Annual Pass shall not be modified after its purchase.


Article 3. Purchase of an Annual Pass and Delivery and Explanation of these Terms and Conditions  

  1. A guest who wishes to purchase an Annual Pass shall provide his/her personal information in the application form provided by the Company, consent to the collection and use of personal information by the Company, and pay the relevant purchase price to receive an Annual Pass from the Company and obtain the status as an Annual Pass Holder.
  2. If the Company approves the application submitted by a guest who wishes to purchase an Annual Pass of LEGOLAND Korea Resort, the Company shall explain to such guest the main provisions of these Terms and Conditions of the Annual Pass. When a guest agrees to these Terms and Conditions and pays the relevant purchase price, the Company shall issue an Annual Pass (or any other indication similar thereto) to the guest.
  3. A guest who wishes to purchase an Annual Pass shall provide true and not false information in the application form. If any of the foregoing information changes, the guest must immediately notify the Company of such changes. The Company shall not be held liable for any disadvantages incurred to an Annual Pass Holder that has arisen due to any false information or omission, or the Annual Pass Holder’s failure to notify the Company of any changes to his/her information provided in the foregoing application form.


Article 4. Rights of an Annual Pass Holder  

  1. An Annual Pass Holder may use the services and benefits provided for each type, status and grade (including LEGOLAND Park and Hotel) of an Annual Pass he/she purchased during the period from the date of such purchase (the “PurchaseDate”) until the expiry of the valid period of his/her Annual Pass. The details of the types and the rights of Annual Passes shall be disclosed on the Company’s website at all times and separately provided to each guest at the time of his/her purchase of an Annual Pass.
  2. To provide better services, the Company can provide an advanced notice and modify the services and benefits provided for each type, status and grade of Annual Passes in accordance with its relevant policy. The details thereof are available on the Company’s website. However, if the Company modifies the services and benefits in a more unfavorable manner for the Annual Pass Holders during the valid period of Annual Passes, the Company shall notify the affected Annual Pass Holders and obtain their consent pursuant to Article 16.
  3. The Company may temporarily close the Park within a period not exceeding 4 months during the winter season to prevent safety accidents caused by temperature drop and cold weather, and for maintenance and management of the rides. During this period of the Park’s temporary closure, admission to the Park or use of some or all rides may be restricted (however, LEGOLAND Hotel is open year-round and various activities will continue to be available at LEGOLAND Hotel). Detailed information on winter season Park closure will be available on the Company’s official website for the Annual Pass Holders to check.

 Article 5. Obligations of an Annual Pass Holder

  1. To enter the Park, use its facilities and enjoy the benefits as an Annual Pass Holder, upon entering or using the Park, an Annual Pass Holder shall present an e-ticket or a digital or physical pass with a barcode, and/or a QR code.
  2. As a rule, since an Annual Pass is an important certificate to verify the identity of an Annual Pass Holder, any person who fails to present an Annual Pass is not permitted to enter the Park. An Annual Pass Holder is also required to faithfully cooperate with the process to verify his/her identity (e.g., an analogue or digital facial recognition and a verification of his/her ID card) as determined by the Company. Any person who refuses the foregoing process may not be permitted to enter the Park.
  3. An Annual Pass Holder shall book in advance the date of his/her visit to the Park via the official website. They should note that it may be impossible to book a visit on the date of their visit. Upon entry to the Park, at the request of the Company to verify his/her identity he/she shall present his/her ID card to the Company for identity verification purposes.
  4. No Annual Pass may be lent to a third party without the Company’s prior approval. If the Company discovers that an Annual Pass Holder has lent his/her Annual Pass to a third party, the Company may restrict the relevant third party’s entry to the Park and Company shall retrieve such Annual Pass on the ground of illegal use. In the foregoing case, the Company shall immediately notify the relevant Annual Pass Holder of the illegal use of his/her Annual Pass by a third party and retrieval thereof. The retrieved Annual Pass shall not be refunded or re-issued.
  5. As a rule, the status as an Annual Pass Holder cannot be temporarily suspended. However, in extenuating circumstances where an Annual Pass Holder is unable to use the facilities for a considerable period of time, an Annual Pass Holder can temporarily only once suspend its status as an Annual Pass holder for up to three months. Extenuating circumstances refer to cases where an Annual Pass Holder is unable to use the facilities due to force majeure events such as war, strike, fire, flood, terrorism or blackout that cannot be reasonably predicted or any personal reasons of an Annual Pass Holder (e.g., living abroad for a period shorter than three months, hospitalization due to an accident or disease, stress disorder, etc.).
  6. An Annual Pass Holder who wishes to temporarily suspend his/her Annual Pass pursuant to Article 5 above shall submit to the Company the documents that evidence the reason for such suspension and obtain its approval. The period of such temporary suspension shall commence from the date on which the Company’s approval was provided based on the foregoing documents submitted and end on the date requested by the Annual Pass Holder. However, the period of temporary suspension requested by the Annual Pass Holder shall not exceed the maximum period set forth in Article 5.5 above. If an Annual Pass Holder has requested a temporary suspension of his/her status as an Annual Pass Holder based on a justifiable reason as set forth in Article 5.5 above and has obtained the Company’s approval, the expiry date of his/her Annual Pass shall be extended by the period of such suspension.
  7. An Annual Pass Holder shall maintain public order and good morals. For instance, when guests queue to use a facility, an Annual Pass Holder cannot queue on behalf of any other persons apart from himself/herself. If he/she needs to use a restroom as he/she is queuing, he/she shall personally ask for the understanding of the other guests who are also in the queue.
  8. An Annual Pass Holder shall comply with these Terms of Conditions and any other requirements of the Company announced through the Park guidance or notices and shall not engage in any activity that interferes with the Company’s business.
  9. Children aged 12 or under must be accompanied by a guardian aged 16 or above to enter and use the Park. 


Article 6. Valid Period of Status as an Annual Pass Holder

  1. The valid period of the status as an Annual Pass Holder (the “Valid Period”) shall expire 365 days (including Park closure dates) after the date on which his/her Annual Pass is activated.
  2. An Annual Pass purchased as of March 15, 2022, shall be activated on the date of the Annual Pass Holder’s first visit after its purchase. An Annual Pass shall be automatically activated three months after its purchase if the Annual Pass Holder has not visited the Park until then. 
  3. An Annual Pass purchased between March 16, 2022, and May 4, 2022, shall be automatically activated on May 5, 2022.
  1. An Annual Pass purchased on or after May 5, 2022, shall be immediately activated upon its purchase. 
  2. Valid period of Annual Pass includes temporary closures of the Park in the winter season, for maintenance and management of rides and prevention of safety accidents due to the cold weather and temperature drop. 
  3. If an Annual Pass Holder with an Annual Pass with remaining Valid Period wants to apply for an early membership for the Annual Pass (the “Early Membership”), he/she may join the Early Membership from 90days before the expiry date of Valid Period or within 30days after the expiry date of Valid Period according to the following provisions.
  4. The Company shall issue an Annual Pass on the date on which the Annual Pass Holder has applied for the Early Membership.
  5. The Valid Period of an Annual Pass purchased via the Early Membership shall automatically commence on the day immediately following the day on which the existing Annual Pass has expired, if the Early Membership is applied before the expiry of the Valid Period of the existing Annual Pass.
  6. If the membership is re-subscribed during the period for Early Membership after the expiry of the Valid Period of the existing Annual Pass (i.e. within 30days of the expiry), the Valid Period shall be extended from the date of such resubscription.
  7. D) In the event that the Annual Pass holder wishes to upgrade to another Annual Pass type by joining the Early Membership, it is possible to do so by paying the difference in prices at the Park’s on-site Ticket Windows during the period for the Early Membership (within 90days before the expiry of the existing Annual Pass or within 30days after the expiry of the existing Annual Pass).
  8. Annual Passes can be upgraded to higher tier pass types, before the current Annual Pass expires, by paying the difference at the on-site Ticket Windows. If you upgrade to a higher tier pass, the expiration date of the upgraded Annual Pass is the same as the expiration date of the existing Annual Pass. However, if you upgrade to a different type of Annual Pass within the Early Membership period under Paragraph 2 and pre-subscribe, the valid period will be applied according to Paragraph 2. 
  9. The Valid Period of an Annual Pass shall not be suspended for any reason unless the use of the Park becomes impossible for a substantial period of time due to faults of the Company. However exceptions apply in accordance with Article 5 Paragraph 5. 


Article 7. Re-Issuance of an Annual Pass  

A guest who loses the link provided together with a confirmation email or text message to verify his/her Annual Pass, can be re-issued with the link by using ‘Cancellation of Online Tickets and Application for Re-issuance’ on the Company’s website. 

Otherwise please send an email to or call LEGOLAND® Korea Resort Guest Experience (033-815-2300).


Article 8. Disqualification of an Annual Pass Holder  

An Annual Pass Holder shall be disqualified in the following cases.

  1. If the Valid Period of his/her status as an Annual Pass Holder expires.
  2. If he/she dies.
  3. If he/she is found to have unlawfully used his/her Annual Pass.
  4. If he/she has caused property damage to the Company by willful act or negligence.
  5. If he/she has caused physical, mental or property damage to other guests or employees of the Company while using the Park by engaging in the following.

-  Physical damage: assault, physical injury, etc.

-  Mental damage: blackmailing, sexual assault or sexual harassment, insult, etc.

-  Economic damage:  Seizing the property of someone or obtaining proprietary profits by threatening someone. Interfering with someone’s exercise of rights or forcing someone to do something he/she is not obligated to do. Damaging a property. Any other act that is against good social morals and customs that interferes with other guests’ uses of the Park.  


Article 9. Membership Cancellation and Refund of an Annual Pass  

  1. An Annual Pass Holder who joined the Annual Pass membership may request a cancellation of his/her membership and a refund based on his/her personal circumstances. 
  2. If an Annual Pass Holder has joined the Annual Pass membership through a pre-issued ticket purchased from an online vendor (e.g., via an independent sale made by social media platforms, etc.) other than the Company, he/she may not exchange or receive a refund for such ticket through the Company. Such pre-issued tickets shall be directly refunded by the online vendor that sold the ticket to the Annual Pass Holders. In this case, the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, the Consumer Protection Act and other applicable laws shall apply.
  3. As a rule, in the event that an Annual Pass Holder joined the Annual Pass membership via any pre-issued ticket that was a free gift or a giveaway issued by the Company, an employee benefit ticket, invitational ticket, or tickets of any other similar form, no exchange or refund shall be available.
  4. If a guest who purchased an Annual Pass through the Company’s website intends to request a refund for the Annual Pass, he/she may cancel the purchase of his/her membership within seven days following the Purchase Date (i.e. the purchase date will be not included in the count) in writing or according to the procedures disclosed on the Company’s website. In this case, an Annual Pass Holder who has not used the Park at all during the above period shall be fully refunded. The credit card used for the payment may be replaced only once within eight days of purchase (i.e. the purchase date will be included in the count), providedthat the same amount of payment is imposed on such credit card. If multiple credit cards have been used for the payment of the membership, partial re-payment or refund shall not be provided (the same shall apply even if the payment amount was the same).

Article 10. Restrictions on the Use of Facilities   

  1. For the safety of guests themselves and other guests, the Company may restrict the use of the facility in consideration of physical conditions such as age, height, and health conditions. If a companion is required due to the height-based ride restriction for each ride, a guardian, aged 16 or older, who meets the height requirement for each ride will be required to accompany the ride. 
  2. The valid period of Annual Passes (365 days from the date of purchase & activation) includes changes in the Resort's operating schedule and Park closures due to natural disasters, bad weather, and changes in the Park’s operation conditions.
  3. Guests with physical conditions may experience difficulties using the facilities. Guests shall explain their symptoms and check with the staff before using the facilities, so that the staffs can confirm whether it is safe for such guest to use the facility/facilities. If deemed unsafe, there may be restrictions on use depending on the guest’s health condition.
  4. Compensation will not be provided by the Company for restricting the use of some facilities under Articles 10.1 and 10.2 for safety or legal reasons.
  5. Each facility’s safety rules and precautions are posted at each facility.


Article 11 Rules of Use

  1. All guests are required to comply with the following rules of use to ensure public order and good morals within the Park.
  2. In order to maintain a pleasant and clean environment and prevent fire, bringing in or using cooking utensils that may interfere with the Company’s business is prohibited.
  3. A person who causes physical, mental, or property damage to another guest or employee during the use of the Park, such as by wearing a repugnant outfit, loudly singing, or engaging in violence, or causes concern for such damage, or who commits prohibited acts specified in Sub-Paragraph E, will be restricted from admission or lose the qualification to be an Annual Pass Holder.
  4. The following items and animals are prohibited in the Park.

* Electric products such as drones, wirelessly controlled toys, and electric wheels (except electric wheelchairs for the disabled)

* Segway, skateboard, inline skates, kickboard, bicycle, etc.

* Pets such as dogs, cats, birds, etc. (however, guide dogs for the visually impaired are excluded)

* Dangerous objects and substances, such as glass containers and burners for heating or cooking food

* Mat, folding picnic chair, cooler, hand cart, etc.

* Knife, sickle, nail, wooden stick, explosive weapons or dangerous substances, etc.

  1. The following food and beverage are permitted: 

*Baby food, patient meals, non-alcoholic beverages, and simple snacks (chips, chocolates, candies)

  1. The following acts are prohibited:

* Smoking outside the designated smoking areas in the Park.

* Using a mobile phone or selfie stick in an attraction while on board

* Sale and display of goods

* Distribution of leaflets, flyers, etc.

* Assembly and speeches

* Commercial photography not authorized by the Company

* Personal online broadcasting, or taking photos and videos, causing inconvenience to other guests or likely to infringe on portrait rights (however, permissible with prior authorization)

* Any act that interferes with the operation of the Park and related facilities

  1. Guests at age 12 or under must be accompanied by a guardian aged 16 or older to enter and use the Park at all times.
  2. Guests cannot leave personal belongings and items on the seats to secure a place to watch various performances and shows when entering the attraction. Unattended items can be removed on the spot and the Company is not responsible if lost.
  3. All guests are not allowed to board rides or attractions carrying personal belongings and objects, in accordance with the safety requirements for each ride and attraction. Guests cannot separately seek compensation from the Company for loss or damage to their belongings during the use of rides and attractions.
  4. For the safety of guests themselves and other guests, guests must comply with the boarding safety requirements for each attraction.
  5. The rules for using each ride and attraction are determined according to the dynamics of each ride, the user protection system, and the recommendations from the manufacturers. Guests must check and comply with the conditions of use before using rides and attractions. When using rides and attractions, guests cannot carry their personal belongings and items on the ride in accordance with the operation recommendations of each ride and for the safety of guests. Unattended items can be removed on the spot and the Company is not responsible if lost. 
  6. Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas. Smoking is prohibited in all amusement facilities and waiting lines, performance areas, food and beverage stores, merchandise stores, and bathrooms, other than the smoking areas (designated places where ashtrays are installed). If a guest smokes outside the smoking area, the Company can restrict such conduct, and if the guest does not respond without a justifiable reason, the Company may ask him/her to leave.
  7. If a guest falsely engages in any of the following acts after purchasing food and products, the Company may take lawful measures, such as filing a report with the police.

* Falsely claiming that a foreign substance was found in the food sold by the Company or that he/she ate such foreign substance even though such substance was not found in the food sold by the Company.

* Requesting a refund on the basis that the food is not tasty or is spoiled after having eaten a substantial portion of the food ordered.

* Repeatedly ordering food and canceling the order without justifiable reasons.

* Requesting a refund by claiming that a product is defective, without justifiable grounds. 

* Repeatedly ordering and canceling Annual Passes without justifiable reasons.


  1. Under no circumstances shall the guest engage in violence, verbal abuse, sexual harassment, or sexual assault against the employees of the Company. If the guest has any complaints, or for other reasons regarding the services provided by the Company, they may notify the Company, upon which the Company will investigate the facts and respond to the guest.


Article 12. Protection of Lost Children  

  1. During operating hours
  2. The Company operates customer service and takes various measures to transfer lost children to their guardians.
  3. When transferring a lost child to the parent, in order to mutually confirm the transfer of lost children between the Company and the parent, the Company shall confirm the individual to whom the child is being transferred is the child’s parent and utilize and maintain the lost children reception and management register.

    2. After the operating hours
  4. The Company will transfer the lost child to the local police station along with the record of the lost child on the same day.

    3. Guardians accompanying infants or young children must comply with the following to prevent the children from getting lost.

  5. Guardians are obligated to protect and supervise their children. Accordingly, the guardians shall exercise their duty of care and pay attention to the children at all times.

    B. To prepare in case the child is separated from the guardian, take a picture of the child with a mobile phone and teach the child the guardian’stelephone number, home address, and other information. For children with low cognitive abilities, such as infants, take precautionary measures to prevent the child from getting lost, such as putting on a lost child prevention ID bracelet on the child.

    C. Educate the child in advance to seek the immediate assistance of staff in case he/she is separated from the guardian or the group.

    D. If you lose your child at the Company, immediately report to a nearby Company employee.

    E. The employee who receives the report shall notify other employees on duty to search for and protect the missing child.


Article 13 Lost and Found

  1. The Company operates a lost and found office within the Company, and the Company may request an ID card including a photo to confirm that the guest is the owner when it transfers the lost and found items to the guest. In such case, the Company shall utilize and maintain a lost and found maintenance register.
  2. The Company will return the acquired items to the original owner in accordance with the following lost and found management policy.
  3. At the request of the original owner who requests return of the acquired item, the Company will provide information on the acquired item. 
  4. Each acquired item will be processed according to the following standard for a specified storage period and processing. 

   Personal items (items from which personal information can be identified, cash and checks worth more than KRW 100,000) are stored for 15 days from the date of acquisition and transferred to the police.

   Valuables (credit/check cards, jewelry, etc.) and electronics are stored for 15 days from the date of acquisition and transferred to the police.

   Clothing, daily necessities, disposable items, and children’s items are stored for 15 days from the date of acquisition and disposed of.

   Food and industrial products are disposed of as soon as acquired.

  1. The method of return for the acquired goods shall be limited to on-site receipt or courier receipt, and the guest shall bear the cost of delivery by the courier. Delivery by courier may not be possible depending on the product price, type, and size of the goods. 
  2. Storage of acquired items shall be limited to designated places and the storage of items requiring specific storage methods (refrigerated/specific location due to the items’ volume) will be limited. Perishable food items and wet items may be disposed of on or day after the date of acquisition.

  3. Other matters concerning the disposal of lost and found items shall be governed by the Lost Articles Act and customary practices.

    3. If the owner does not claim the lost item, the Company will dispose of it or hand it over to the district police station in accordance with the lost and found management policy.
  4. To protect the personal information and the guests’ property, credit cards, cash, social security cards, passports, mobile phones, and valuables, acquired lost and found items will be returned to the owner in person only. 


Article 14 Compensation for Damages

  1. If the Company or its employee intentionally or negligently causes physical or property damage to the Annual Pass Holder, the Company will compensate for the damage. However, if the damage is caused by force majeure or by the intention or negligence of the Annual Pass Holder, the liability for compensation is reduced or exempted.
  2. In the event the Company's facilities and equipment are damaged or destroyed due to reasons attributable to the Annual Pass Holder, the Annual Pass Holder shall compensate for the damage.
  3. Unauthorized removal of goods without prior permission by the Company, photography and video shooting, recording, and live broadcasting is prohibited, and the Annual Pass Holder shall be responsible for damages resulting from such violation in accordance with relevant laws and regulations including Copyright Act.


Article 15 Force Majeure

  1. In the event of force majeure that occurs due to faults not attributable to the Company, such as breakdown of machines not attributable to the Company’s fault, strike, lack of raw materials, fire, rebellion, war, intervention of the central or local government under law, urgent safety measures, or any other events of force majeure that are beyond the control of the Company as well as natural events of force majeure such as rainstorm, lightning, earthquake, typhoon, flood, or strong wind, the Company’s obligations thereof shall be reduced or the Company shall be released from its obligations. In the event of the foregoing force majeure events, the Company shall immediately notify the Annual Pass Holders. 
  2. If the use of facilities and services becomes impossible for a considerable period of time due to any reason under Article 15.1, the Annual Pass Holder may cancel his/her membership. In this case, the Annual Pass Holder cannot claim additional damages against the Company, other than the refund of the membership fee as set forth in Article 9.


Article 16. Amendment of These Terms and Conditions and Dispute Mediation

  1. These Terms and Conditions may be amended due to changes in the Company’s business environment or any other circumstances. Upon the amendment of these Terms and Conditions, the Company shall announce in advance to the Annual Pass Holders the scheduled date on which the amendment shall be enforced and explain the reasons for such amendment via at least one of the below methods. In such cases, if the Company had clearly announced or notified that the Annual Pass Holders’ failure to express their objections within the grace period shall be deemed as consent to the amended terms, but the Annual Pass Holders fail to express their explicit intent to refuse or fail to terminate these Terms and Conditions, the Annual Pass Holders are deemed to have consented to the amended terms.
  2. Email.
  3. Written notice or letter.
  4. Website or the official mobile application.
  5. Daily newspaper.
  6. Short message service(SMS)/text message.
  7. If an Annual Pass Holder is a minor, the Company shall make such announcement to the minor’s guardians. If an Annual Pass Holder has signed up for a joint membership for the Annual Pass with his/her family member, the Company can make the foregoing announcement to the representative member of each family who holds the joint membership.
  8. If the Company amends any terms in a more unfavorable manner for the Annual Pass Holders despite Article 16.1, within the grace period of at least 30 days, the Company shall individually announce such amendment via one or more methods in Subparagraphs A, B, C and E of Article 16.1 above. In this case, a clear comparison of the details before and after the amendment shall be provided to help the Annual Pass Holders understand the amendment.
  9. An Annual Pass Holder is entitled not to consent to the amended terms. If he/she does not consent to the amended terms, he/she may terminate these Terms and Conditions. 
  10. If an Annual Pass Holder terminates these Terms and Conditions pursuant to Paragraph 4 above, the Company shall cancel his/her membership and provide a refund in accordance with the procedures set forth in Article 9.4.
  11. Any legal dispute arising in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the relevant provisions of the Civil Act and the Civil Procedure Act.