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Special Situations


Special Benefit for Carers

We offer a free Carer Ticket for those who accompany guests with disabilities. Guardians aged 16 or older, who can help guests with disabilities to follow the ride safety rules and board on and off from attractions are eligible for Carer Tickets. Visits must be pre-booked through the special reservation page for both the carer and the guest with a disability. One Carer Ticket is provided for one guest with a disability.

Guests with Disabilities (Caring Tickets)



While our Model Citizens are happy to assist with access to special ride compartments, they are not permitted to lift guests into or out of a ride vehicle. Therefore, park guests must be able to transfer to ride vehicles with assistance from a member of their party.


Resort Accessibility Information

LEGOLAND Korea Resort shops, restaurants, show venues and the majority of our rides and attractions are ADA accessible to guests who use wheelchairs or are in need of special services.

Accessible Attraction Information


Ride reservation system for guests with disabilities –‘HERO PASS’

We offer an “Online Ride Reservation System" to assist guests who may find it difficult or cannot stand for long periods of time in queue. Each guest with a HERO PASS must be accompanied on the ride or attraction by a responsible carer.



Public Transportation Support Service for Visitors with Special Needs

Please check and contact below for public transportation support available for guests in need of additional assistance. 

- Gangwon-do Metropolitan Transportation Support Center:

- Bom Nae Call Transportation Support Center for the Disabled:   

Accessibility Information FAQ

'Fastrack' is a paid service that allows you to virtually queue. Guests can use their mobile phones to wait for attractions and visit other rides, shops and restaurants in the Park while waiting for their turns for the attraction signed up for.  

'Hero Pass' is a free online ride reservation system for guests who may find it difficult or cannot stand for long periods of time either due to a physical disability or a learning/emotional impairment.

Both 'Fastrack' and 'Hero Pass' do not guarantee complete elimination of queuing. It complies with the queue time for each attraction and waits virtually on behalf of users

① Visit Guest Services for verification (please present the physical welfare card) and register for a HERO PASS.
② Receive and wear a HERO PASS wristband, which has the HERO PASS QR code for “online ride reservation”/Fastrack page.
③ Reserve a ride/attraction you wish to board through the “Online Ride Reservation system"(Fastrack page).(Only an activated HERO PASS can reserve rides, one at a time. Guest Services will help activate the HERO PASS.)
④ When your reach your boarding time on the system, please go to the Fastrack line. Enjoy the ride after a Model Citizen(staff) verifies the "HERO PASS wristband" and scans the HERO PASS QR code.(If there are other guests waiting with HERO PASS or Fastrack in front, wait times may incur.)
⑤ After riding the reserved attraction, you can make the next reservation for another attraction or ride.
(You can only reserve the next ride after all the remaining wait time for the previous ride has reached 0.)

Up to three carers with at least one carer 16 years of age or older can be registered with the guest with disability.
Carers cannot use the HERO PASS themselves. HERO PASS users can use the pass with their companions on the ride.
At least one carer aged 16 or above, must be able to explain ride restrictions and precautions to the guest with a disability, help them board on and off the rides and take full responsibility for the guest with the disability in the event of an emergency.