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LEGOLAND® Korea Resort 1 Day admission Ticket Terms & Conditions

Article 1. Application of the Terms and Conditions  


  1. These Terms and Conditions apply to the guests of the theme park of LEGOLAND Korea Resort located at 128 Hajungdo-gil, Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, Korea (such theme park the “Park” and such company the “Company”) and the Company.
  2. The Company shall provide the facilities and services to the guests who purchase the tickets as set forth in these Terms and Conditions, and the guests (which include annual pass holders) shall purchase such tickets only upon reading these Terms and Conditions posted on the Company’s website or at the entrance of the Park and agreeing to the terms of use of the facilities and services that are provided by the Company and the Park.
  3. Matters not set forth herein shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea or customary practices.
  4. The Company may amend these Terms and Conditions as provided for in Article 14 below.


Article 2. Opening Days and Entry Restrictions 
1.     The Company may determine matters such as the days on which the Park is open and the Park’s opening and closing hours depending on the season and/or other business environments of the Company. 2.     The Company may close the Park for a certain period or modify its opening or closing hours in extenuating circumstances (e.g., act of God, unpredictable weather changes, act of terror, concerns about an outbreak of a contagious disease, any other event which is a reasonable reason that prevents the Company from operating the Park, or an event of force majeure).
3.     The Company may restrict the entry of guests or suspend the sale of tickets if the number of guests exceeds the recommended capacity and such restriction is deemed necessary for the convenience of the guests and the maintenance of their safety.
4.     If necessary for the maintenance of guests’ safety, the Company may request security guards to inspect the personal belongings of the guests. The Company may restrict the entry of a guest if he/she refuses such inspection.
5.     If the Company discovers that a guest possesses a prohibited item, the Company can require him/her to destroy the prohibited item or store it away from the Park in his/her car, locker, etc.


Article 3. Ticket Prices 

1.     Ticket price per age group (international age used)
A.    Minor (child): from ages 3 (i.e., 25 months old) to 12.
B.    Adult: age 13 or older.
C.    Free entry: infants of age 2 or younger (*24 months old or younger as of the date of entry).

2.     Type of tickets and services
A.    Day Ticket: A Day Ticket can be purchased to enter the Park and use its facilities only on a date selected at the time of purchase (excludes the use of certain paid facilities and other facilities announced in advance to be used for paid events).
B.    Undated Day Ticket: An Undated Day Ticket can be purchased to enter the Park and use its facilities on an unspecified date. This ticket can be either used by the purchaser or transferred to a different person. To use this ticket to enter the Park, a guest must book the date of entry in advance.
C.    Annual Pass: An Annual Pass can be purchased to enter the Park and use its facilities then-available from the date of subscription until the agreed period (excludes the use of certain paid facilities and other facilities announced in advance to be used for paid events).

3.     The dates on which entry is restricted are different for each type of ticket (including the Annual Pass). Detailed information on the days on which the Park is open and its facilities can be used is available on the Park’s website ( and the LEGOLAND mobile application. Guests are deemed to have provided consent to this Article 4.3 upon the purchase of their tickets. Guests shall not demand any compensation for any restrictions of entry based on the entry restriction dates of their tickets (refund under Article 6 is available).

4.     The Company is permitted to charge extra fees for some of the facilities to improve guests’ satisfaction with the facilities and provide and maintain the most up-to-date services, provided that guests were given prior notice thereof.

5.     The prices of tickets shall be posted separately and can be changed to a reasonable extent based on the Company’s business environment and policy. To change ticket prices, the Company shall notify details of such change via at least one of the below methods and a clear comparison of prices before and after the change shall be indicated to help the guests understand the change.

A.    Email.
B.    Written notice or letter.
C.    Website or the official mobile application.
D.    Daily newspaper.
E.     Social media.  

Article 4. Validity of a Day Ticket 

1.     A Day Ticket is a ticket that is valid for the one day selected for entry. If a guest purchases a Day Ticket of which its date of entry is not specified, such ticket shall be valid for the period indicated on the web page on which the ticket was purchased. If the valid period is not indicated on the foregoing web page, such ticket shall be valid for one year from the date of purchase. (However, the valid period of Day Tickets that were purchased prior to May 5, 2022 shall be from May 5, 2022 to December 31, 2022.)

2.     Guests who used Day Tickets to enter the Park may convert their tickets into Annual Passes prior to exiting the Park in accordance with the form, procedures and the price standard prescribed by the Company. In such cases, the valid period of the Annual Passes shall be one year from the date of conversion.  

Article 5. Obligations of the Guests  
1.     To enter the Park, use its facilities and enjoy the benefits available, upon entering or using the Park, guests shall present an e-ticket or a digital or physical voucher with a barcode, QR code or any other unique identification code.
2.     Each guest must hold his/her own ticket. If necessary, the Company may request a guest’s history of ticket purchases as such history serves as an important certificate to determine whether there were any unlawful activities (e.g., the re-use of a screen-captured or duplicated ticket or the use of a duplicated ticket without the original purchaser’s consent). As a rule, any guest who refuses to present such purchase history is not permitted to enter the Park.
3.     Guests shall book in advance the date of their visit to the Park via the official website or mobile application. Guests should note that it may be impossible to book a visit on the date of their visit.
4.     Guests shall comply with these Terms of Conditions and any other requirements of the Company announced through the Park guidance or notices and shall not engage in any activity that interferes with the Company’s business.


Article 6. Ticket Refunds 
1.     Guests who purchased a ticket (e.g., a Day Ticket, an Undated Day Ticket, or an Annual Pass) may request a refund based on their personal circumstances. However, such refund must be requested within seven days from the date of subscription using the ticket refund request form provided on the Company’s website.
2.     When a guest requests refunds for a Day Ticket or an Undated Day Ticket within seven days of purchase pursuant to Article 6.1 above, a refund shall not be provided if the ticket is no longer valid (e.g., the valid period has expired, or the ticket has already been used).
3.     If a guest has purchased a pre-issued ticket through any vendor other than the Company, he/she may not exchange or receive a refund for such ticket through the Company. Such pre-issued tickets shall be directly refunded by the vendor that sold the ticket to the guest. In this case, the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, the Consumer Protection Act and other applicable laws shall apply.
4.     In principle, no refund is available after a guest enters the Park. However, the Company shall provide a refund in extenuating circumstances where a guest has to return home against their will due to an event of an emergency such as an injury caused after such guest’s entry to the Park by a cause that is attributable to the Company.
5.     If a guest requests a refund pursuant to Article 6.4 above, it shall inform the Company about its responsibility in triggering the emergency event. In this case, the guest shall present to the Company any evidence (e.g., receipt or the tag of the ticket) to prove the duration of his/her use of the Park after his/her entry. The Company, after immediately investigating the relevant facts, shall notify the foregoing guest of the Company’s responsibility based on the findings of the investigation. The specific procedures of the refund request shall be governed by separate regulations stipulated by the Company.
6.     No refund is available for the reasons of unexpected rain or any other deteriorating weather conditions after the entry or personal change of heart.
7.     As a rule, in the event of any pre-issued ticket that was a free gift or a giveaway issued by the Company, an employee benefit ticket, invitational ticket, or ticks of any other similar form, no exchange or refund shall be available. However, exceptions may apply depending on the terms of use specified on the relevant pre-issued ticket.  

Article 7. Re-Entry   As a rule, guests who leave the Park are not permitted to re-enter. However, exceptions may apply in urgent cases where temporary leave and re-entry are necessary, provided that the Company verifies and acknowledges the relevant guest’s temporary leave before him/her leaving the Park.


Article 8. Restrictions on the Use of Facilities   
1.     For the safety of a guest himself/herself and that of the other guests, the Company may restrict a guest’s use of the facilities taking into account his/her age, height, health conditions and other physical conditions.  
2.     During the safety inspection of facilities conducted during the days on which the Park is open, the Company may suspend the operation of relevant facilities and restrict the use thereof, provided that prior notice was given. If a safety inspection is deemed urgently necessary for safety reasons, the Company may suspend the operation of certain facilities and inspect them even during opening hours.
3.     Guests with physical conditions may experience difficulties using the facilities. Therefore, such guests shall explain their symptoms to the Park’s employees before using the facilities so that the employees can confirm whether such guests can use the facilities.
4.     No guest may demand any compensation from the Company on the ground that the Company restricted the use of certain facilities for legal or safety reasons in accordance with Article 8.1 and 8.2 above.
5.     Rules of use and cautions for each facility shall be posted at each facility.  

Article 9. Rules of Use  
1.     All guests are required to comply with the following rules of use to ensure public order and good morals within the Park.
A.     Guests are prohibited from bringing in or using food or cooking utensils that may disturb the Company’s business so that a pleasant and clean environment is maintained and fire is prevented.
B.     A guest who wears repugnant clothes, sings loudly, engages in violent acts, engages in any activity that causes or is likely to cause physical, mental or property damage to other guests or employees during the use of the Park, or engages in any of the prohibited acts specified in Subparagraph D below shall be restricted from entering the Park or lose the status as a holder of a Day Ticket.
C.     The following items and animals are prohibited to be brought into the Park. * Drones, remote-controlled toys, electric wheels or any other electric products (excluding electric wheelchairs for the disabled).* Segway, skateboards, inline skates, kickboards, bicycles, etc.* Dogs, cats, birds, and any other pets (excluding guide dogs for the visually impaired).* Portable gas stoves to warm up or cook food and any other hazardous materials.* Picnic mats, foldable picnic chairs, coolers, hand carts, etc.* Knives, sickles, nails, lumber, explosive arms and any other hazardous materials.
D.     The following acts are prohibited.* Smoking outside the designated smoking areas within the Park.* Using a selfie stick while being on board the attractions.* Selling and displaying goods.* Distributing flyers.* Holding a rally or giving a speech.* Filming for commercial purposes not permitted by the Company.* Shooting photographs or videos or conducting online streaming that may cause inconvenience to other guests or infringe their portrait rights (permitted if prior permission is obtained).* Any other act that disturbs the operation of the Park and related facilities.

2.     Children under age 10 shall always be accompanied by their guardians.
3.     Upon entering any attraction, no guest may leave their personal belongings or other items to secure their seats for any performance or a show. Any unattended items may be removed, and the Company shall assume no responsibility for the loss thereof.
4.     A guest shall comply with the limit of the capacity of each attraction for the safety of himself/herself and those of other guests.
5.     Smoking is allowed only in designated smoking areas. The Company may restrict smoking outside the smoking areas and may require guests who refuse to comply without a justification to leave the Park.
6.     If any guest purchases food or products from the Company at the Park and falsely engages in any of the following acts, the Company may report such guest to the police or take any other lawful measures. * Falsely claiming that he/she found or ate a foreign substance in the food even though the food sold by the Company contained no such foreign substance.* Requesting a refund on the ground that the food does not taste good or went bad after having eaten a substantial portion of the food.* Repetitively ordering food and cancelling orders without justification. * Claiming a defect in the product and requesting a refund without justification. 7.     No guest is allowed in any event to use violence or violent language or engage in sexual harassment or sexual assault against the employees of the Company. If a guest wants to complain about the services provided by the Company or if there is any other reason for the foregoing behaviors, he/she should inform the Company’s guest service. Thereupon, the Company shall investigate the relevant facts and give a response to the guest who had complained.


Article 10. Protection of Children Who are Lost 
1.     During opening hoursA.     The Company shall operate a center for lost children and take any measures necessary to take the lost children to their guardians.B.     Upon taking the lost children to their parents, the Company shall verify the identity of the parents and use and maintain the lost children ledger.
2.     After opening hoursA.     The Company shall take all lost children, together with the records of those lost children, at the end of each day to the competent police office.
3.     Guardians who accompany infants, toddlers or young children shall comply with the following to prevent their children from getting lost.
A.     As guardians are obligated to protect and oversee their children, they should always pay attention to their children and exercise due care as guardians.
B.     To prepare for situations in which their children get lost, guardians shall take photos of their children with their mobile phone, make their children memorize the guardians’ telephone number and home address, and put an ID bracelet on younger children as part of measures to prevent their children from getting lost.  

Article 11. Lost Property  
1.     The Company operates a lost and found office within the Company and take measures to return the lost property to the owner.
2.     If any lost property remains unclaimed, the Company shall destroy or otherwise dispose of such property after a specified period.
3.     Food that is likely to go bad and items that are wet may be disposed of on the day of their collection or thereafter.
4.     Upon returning the lost property to the guests, the Company may request the guests’ ID card with photographs, etc. to identify whether the guests are the owners. The Company shall not return the lost property to any other guests apart from the owner (including family and friends).
5.     To protect the personal information and property of the guests, the Company shall not send credit cards, cash, resident registration cards, passports, mobile phones, valuables, etc. by mail and shall always return them to the owner in person.


Article 12. Compensation for Damages   
1.     In the event of any physical or property damages caused to the guests due to the willful act by or the negligence of the Company or its employees, the Company shall compensate for such damage. However, if such damage has occurred due to an event of force majeure or the guests’ willful act or negligence, the amount of compensation shall be reduced or the Company shall be released from its obligation to provide compensation.
2.     If a guest’s willful act or negligence causes damage to any facilities or equipment or to the Company’s employees, other guests or third parties, the laws on compensation, Civil Act or any other applicable laws shall apply.  

Article 13. Indemnification  
In the event damages are incurred to the guests due to a breakdown of machines, lack of raw materials, fire, rebellion, war, intervention of the central or local government under law, urgent safety measures, or any other events of force majeure that are beyond the control of the Company but excluding natural events of force majeure such as rainstorm, lightning, earthquake, typhoon, flood, or strong wind, the Company’s liability thereof shall be reduced or the Company shall be released from its liability.

Article 14. Amendment of These Terms and Conditions  
1.     These Terms and Conditions may be amended due to changes in the Company’s business environment or any other circumstances. Upon the amendment of these Terms and Conditions, the Company shall announce the scheduled date on which the amendment shall be enforced and explain the reasons for such amendment via at least one of the below methods.

A.    Email.
B.    Written notice or letter.
C.    Website or the official mobile application.
D.    Daily newspaper.
E.     Social media.

2.     If any terms are amended in a more unfavorable manner for the guests, within the grace period of at least 30 days, the Company shall individually announce such amendment via one or more methods in Subparagraphs A, B and E of Article 14.1 above. In this case, a clear comparison of the details before and after the amendment shall be indicated to help the guests understand the amendment.
3.     The guests are entitled not to consent to the amended terms. If they do not consent to the amended terms, they may cancel the purchase of their tickets. However, if the Company had clearly announced or notified that the guests’ failure to express their objections within the grace period as set forth in Article 14.2 above shall be deemed as consent to the amended terms, but the guests fail to express their explicit intent to refuse or fail to terminate these Terms and Conditions, the guests are deemed to have consented to the amended terms.
4.  Any legal dispute arising in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the relevant provisions of the Civil Act and the Civil Procedure Act.