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Joust 1

The Royal Joust

Let's jump into Medieval fairytale! As they take a ride on their very own LEGO® horse through a medieval forest, they'll experience other jousting knights and enchanted creatures along the way.

  • Theme Park, LEGO® Castle
Merlin's Flying Machines

Merlin's Flying Machines

The Wizard has devised a new magical contraption to fly above the Kingdom and help defend it. But he needs your strength to help power it and test it out! Hop aboard and see how high you can get the…

  • ✅Guest must be at least 90cm tall to ride.
  • Theme Park, LEGO® Castle
Dragon Coaster 2015 HR (1)

The Dragon

The most thrilling ride in the Kingdom! Take a trip through the enchanted Royal Castle in a medieval world filled with excitement, mystery and a slightly spooky atmosphere. Just beware of the red…

  • ✅Guest must be at least 100cm tall to ride.
  • Theme Park, LEGO® Castle
Merlins Challenge

Merlin's Challenge

Climb aboard a mysterious wooden train ride powered by the wizard's magic. It is just perfect for little knights in training!

  • ✅Guest must be at least 105cm tall to ride.
  • Theme Park, LEGO® Castle
Tot Spot

LEGO® Castle Tot Spot

a very cute playground for a young knight! Explore our Castle themed play town and become a brave warrior!

  • Theme Park, LEGO® Castle
2021 LLNYR Builders Guild

Builder's Guild

Hear ye, hear ye! The King seeks Master Builders to fortify the kingdom and furnish his castle! Enter the Builder’s Guild and help construct the castle!

  • Theme Park, LEGO® Castle