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Wave Racer

Wave Racers

Feel the wind in your hair. The spray in your face. Race the waves and show your skill as you dodge the water blasts. Or not, 'cause getting wet has never been so much fun!

  • ✅Guest must be at least 100cm tall to ride.
  • Theme Park, LEGO® City

Fire Academy

Do you have the skills to be a LEGO® City firefighter? Fitness, speed and teamwork will all be tested as you are challenged with powering a LEGO fire engine and putting out a ‘burning’ building. Get…

  • ✅Guest must be at least 86cm tall to ride.
  • Theme Park, LEGO® City

LEGO® CITY Airport

Everyone can be a pilot as they climb into colourful airplanes and decide how high or low they want to blaze the skies. Seatbelts on and have a safe flight!

  • Theme Park, LEGO® City
Driving School Photo Edited Floridaonly For Copromo

Junior Driving School

Does your little Driver have the need for speed? Children aged 3-5 can experience the thrill of driving, safely (and slowly), here at LEGO® City’s Jr. Driving School! In the end, they'll earn their…

  • ✅Guest must be at least 95cm tall to ride.
  • Theme Park, LEGO® City
Driving School

Driving School

Red means stop. Green means go. After watching a road safety video young drivers can take the electric car and work their way around our LEGO city roads encountering traffic lights, roundabouts,…

  • ✅Guest must be at least 115cm tall to ride.
  • Theme Park, LEGO® City
Skipper School Girls

Coast guard Academy

Your help is needed, Skippers! Join the Coast Guard and patrol the Wharf -- you never know when someone’s going to need your help! Take the cool boat and steer a careful course around waterways…

  • ✅Guest must be at least 86cm tall to ride.
  • Theme Park, LEGO® City
Legoland Express


Choo Choo! All aboard the LEGOLAND® Express on its trip around the park starting in LEGO® City. Don't forget to count how many LEGO animals you can spot along the way!

  • ✅Guest must be at least 110cm tall to ride.
  • Theme Park, LEGO® City

Deep Sea / Surf Tot Spot

Children can climb, crawl and run through this marine-inspired shaded playground where play structures are designed as cargo ships , coast guard boats and cruise lines. Parents can find plenty…

  • Theme Park, LEGO® City
02 Police Building Experience

LEGO® City Police Building Experience

Do you feel a sudden urge to build something with bricks? Come to the LEGO® City Police Building. You can make anything you want with unlimited amount of bricks!

  • Theme Park, LEGO® City

The Wharf

Welcome to the wharf that is made out of giant LEGO® bricks and enjoy every models as your playground!

  • Theme Park, LEGO® City

Palace 4D Cinema

It’s the day of the big movie premiere, and the biggest Minifigure stars are here – including you! Take a seat at this select screening and see the latest blockbuster in amazing 4D from LEGO® City…

  • Theme Park, LEGO® City