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What is the expiration date of my annual pass?

There are two ways to check the expiration date of your annual pass!

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[Method 1] Check with E-Ticket

1️⃣ Check the e-ticket email you received when purchasing the annual pass for the first time.
2️⃣ Click the ‘View E-Ticket’ green button
3️⃣ Check the changed ‘validity period’ in ticket details

[Method 2] Check with the LEGOLAND® official app (if you have manually pre-registered the purchased pass in the app)

1️⃣ Open the LEGOLAND® Korea Resort application
2️⃣ Click ‘My Visit’ on the blue menu bar at the bottom
3️⃣ Click ‘My Tickets and Passes’ to select an existing annual pass
4️⃣ Check the expiration date