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Caring Tickets Terms & Conditions

  1. Carer Ticket is only applied to the guest with disability and carer who make a reservation for the visit date in advance.
  2. According to limit of the attendance, it may not be available to make a reservation. If reservation is not completed, full price is applied to the all members of party. *If the capacity of the park is full, the admission can be limited.
  3. Guests with disability pay full price of admission ticket at the ticket office. One carer ticket will be provided for each guest with the Governments-issued documents to proof disability.
  4. The carer ticket is only available to guests who are 16 years of age or older and who can comply with safety rules and helps disability guest to on the rides.
  5. On the day of the visit, you need to bring your documentation or welfare card  to proof disability, and if you cannot bring it or disabled guest cannot visit, you can enter after purchasing a full price of the 1-day ticket without a any discount.
  6. The carer ticket is only for park admission. Hero Pass and other facility usage Hero Pass and facilities for the disabled need to be issued and used separately.
  7. Carer Ticket is not acceptable to refund, transfer or exchange.
  8. You can change the date of Carer Tickets a total of three times from the web site (Change the date)
  9. In addition, general terms & conditions related to the park are subject to the “1-Day Ticket Terms and Conditions.". (Check 1-day ticket Terms & Conditions)