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Splash Battle

Experience Splash Battle with its ship-themed vehicles that put you behind your own water cannon as you navigate through pirate-infested waters. Aim your cannon and take your best watery shot at…

  • ✅Guests over 130cm can ride alone ✅Guest less than 130cm tall must be accompanied by a guardian.
  • Theme Park, PIRATE SHORES

Anchors Away

A Pirate’s life is a merry one, but it’s not always smooth sailing! Storms may pick you up, toss you side to side, and spin you right round! If you want to be ready for the seas, climb aboard this…

  • ✅Guests over 130cm can ride alone and less than 105cm cannot ride. ✅Guests between 129~105cm must be accompanied by a supervising companion.
  • Theme Park, PIRATE SHORES
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DUPLO® Play - Swabbies Deck

Amazing rest area for Toddler Pirates! Let's hide from a strong sun for a while and charge your energy again for fun adventure!

  • Theme Park, PIRATE SHORES
트레져 헌트

Treasure Hunt

Hahahaha! To pirates, LEGO® is our treasure💎 Come on, and let's have some fun with LEGO®!

  • Theme Park, PIRATE SHORES
Castaway Camp

Castaway Camp

"Join my crew, little one!" Go on a great pirate ship and show your dreams to become the king of pirates!

  • Theme Park, PIRATE SHORES